Oaks Hotels

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Oaks Hotels & Resorts is one of Australasia’s largest apartment style accommodation providers, managing a portfolio of over 52 properties across five countries including Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and India. Originally founded in Australia in 1991, Oaks is a renowned and trusted brand with industry leading practices. Specialising in apartments, we cater to travellers who value freedom, space and independence when they travel. Our modern and fully equipped apartments, residences and suites are what make our Guests return time and time again.

Tradie Workwear

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At Tradie Workwear we pride ourselves on the most comfortable Australian designed underwear and workwear guaranteed to be Made Tradie Tough. Tradie combines comfort, durability and quality for Workers from all Industries. Whether you’re working on a construction site, a local handyman or fresh apprentice we supply the best underwear and workwear for hard working men

Tradies are an Aussie icon; we’re smarter, tougher and better looking than those espresso drinking white collar workers. We represent the best that it is to be Australian. We at Tradie Workwear pride ourselves on producing underwear and workwear that is worthy of the workers of Australia. Tradie Workwear is sure to be the most comfortable, highest quality and best looking gear you can buy..

JETGO Australia

JETGO Australia (

JETGO Australia Holdings Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company that offers a unique portfolio of aviation services as Australia’s only operator of 36 to 50 seat regional jet aircraft.

JETGO exclusively operates Embraer Regional Jets (ERJ) manufactured by Embraer SA of Brazil the world’s leading supplier of regional jet aircraft.



LKI is a lifestyle clothing brand inspired by wheels and watersports. A true Australian, family-operated brand from Queensland, we promote, develop and embrace the culture of action sports and the lifestyle that surrounds it. Our drive to create and innovate style and performance is reflected in each product so you can “Live Your Lifestyle”.


GoPro (

GoPro helps people capture and share their lives’ most meaningful experiences with others—to celebrate them together. Like how a day on the mountain with friends is more meaningful than one spent alone, the sharing of our collective experiences makes our lives more fun.


Kwickie (

Kwickie puts you face to face with friends, fans and celebrities.

Simply record short video messages and send them to your favourite people. Once they’ve responded, your Kwickie is complete and ready to be shared with the world


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Unibet is part of the Kindred Group, one of the largest online gambling companies in the world with over 15 million customers across 100 markets. The company was founded in 1997 by Anders Ström and listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in 2004. Kindred is committed to offering customers the best deal and user experience possible, while ensuring a safe and fair gambling environment.